This is the picture of Camilo Zambrano, his face is standing infront of the picture, on the background there is some plants visible
Camilo Zambrano Votto

Who Am I?

My name is Camilo Zambrano Votto

I am a twenty year old student at the University of Los Andes and reside in Bogotá, Colombia. I am interested in web and video game develpoment and plan on furthering my skills in both areas. I have a great passion and zest for anything related to both fields.


Code skills












Languages I am fluent in

  • The flag of spain
    Spanish is my native tongue.
  • The flag of the uk
    I am fluent in english, and I hold a PET accreditation obtained in 2012.

Other Skills

  • 3 persons standing up and holding their hands up
    I am a wonderful team player and work well in group projects.
  • a microscope representing learning
    I am an autonomous learner and easily adapt to skills related to computer and coding.

Projects And Things I Did


pixel art image.

Video game: survivor of the wasteland

I made this game on a 24 hour gamejam, you can check out it here.

a logo of brainfuck with square brackets, a plus and a dot between the brackets


I found this horrible esolang some time ago. If you want to, check out some things I did with it, you can go here.

the logo of the university of los andes, it has a tree in the middle and a shield around it.

School projects

In school I have made some other projects related to:

  • Transactional systems.
  • Software architecture.
  • IT innovation.

Other Things

the logo of the university of Giessen

Summer school 2017, biotech and laws

In summer 2017 I went to a summer school in Giessen, Germany and studied biotech and laws and taught in the university of Giessen. There, I improved my English skills as I had to use English all the time.

Things I love

The knot and fleur de lis, symbols representatives of scouting


I joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement some time ago with the group 92 in Bogotá, Colombia. Thanks to the time I spent in the movement I'm used to working with people from various backgrounds.

an image of a generic controller for videogames

Video games

Videogames are my passion. There is a lot I want to learn about them and their development.

Contact Information

You can find my personal emails below, as well as my github. Just click on the pictures